Awning for Horses

29 June 2017 by Timothy Frey


Horse awning 1Horse awning 2

Many of you have made a generous donation to our Police Horse partners and possibly wonder how the money is spent. Maybe you have purchased a shirt at one of our fundraisers or even mailed in a couple of dollars for the horses. I'm sure it would be nice to imagine all the money sent in goes towards carrots, apples & curry combs. ????. But the truth is we often look to purchase new equipment that will add comfort to our boys' day.

Today we would like to thank all of you for helping us purchase this new retractable awning to shade "the boys" while we are at station. Often we get called to station for a report, charges, or booking in a subject. It can sometimes be a lengthy process and now our horses can stay out of the elements while we complete our tasks.

Duke, Liam, Ozzy, and Charlie thank you...